Memo Concerning Public Access To Hearings

gavel in a courtroomTo all Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Attorneys and Attorney’s support staff of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit

It is the policy of the Courts of the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit to provide full
access to the public and media for all judicial functions that are not mandated by statute to be privately held.

Space considerations and the number of different judges and courts holding hearings sometimes cause civil and criminal non-jury hearings to be conducted in offices or conference rooms. In order to provide public access, all attorneys are hereby directed to notify court services and the appropriate presiding judge that some family member, victim or other member of the public wish to enter the room in which the hearing is being held. If the attorney is aware that the number of attendees is too large for the room, then the presiding judge must be notified in advance to allow the proceedings to take place in a large enough room to accommodate those present.

All bailiffs of this circuit are directed to notify the presiding judge if some member of the public approaches them about entering a hearing room. This must be communicated to the presiding judge so that the person may given appropriate access.

This is in no way intended to provide access for sequestered witnesses that have not been excused by the presiding judge.

From our Superior Court Judges

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